Our Vision

The aim of the Global South Center is to create strong links among scholars, activists, and artists, and, to facilitate learning, exchange and action with those working for social and political transformation. Located in New York City and Brooklyn, and linked with people, communities, and struggles across the Global North and South, we engage in projects that deepen our connections to each other. These links promote interdisciplinary research and experiment with alternative world-making practices.

We support living systems, and, we richly critique and carefully work against the devastating effects of racial and extractive capitalism. Our research, projects and events aim to understand the forces that maintain exploitative conditions, lifting up those social, artistic, and ecological formations that differently inhabit the planet to imagine possibilities of peaceful and equitable co-existence.

Conventional definitions of the Global South focus on the geographical regions of Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceania and sometimes include the Arab world and so-called less developed nations as well as diasporas originating in these parts of the world. We offer an additional conceptualization, one that extends theories, ideas, and practices to think from the undervalued perspectives and ways of organizing social life that emerge from submerged perspectives and communities.

Our Team

Macarena Gómez-Barris

Founding Director, Global South Center
Chairperson of Social Science & Cultural Studies

Francis Bradley

Associate Director, Global South Center
Associate Professor at the Department of Social Science & Cultural Studies

Jayna Brown

Co-Director, Global South Center, Professor in the Graduate Program in Media Studies, Pratt Institute

Wendy V. Muñiz

Co-Director, Global South Center, Assistant Professor of Critical Social Analysis, Pratt Institute

Nurhaizatul Jamil

Co-Director, Global South Center, Assistant Professor in Global South Studies at the Department of Social Science & Cultural Studies

Calyn Pickens Rich

Media and Research Associate, Global South Center