Tomando Espacio

Lidia Henderson and Hannah Anousheh traveled to Puerto Rico in September 2019 to conduct interviews with Puerto Rican women at the forefront of recovery efforts on the islands, producing a video documentary entitled Tomando Espacio.

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Other Projects

Social Media Lab

A pathbreaking  concept and project conceived by Wendy V. Muñiz and Nurhaizatul Jamil, this autonomous lab will partner closely with the Global South Center (GSC) and  the Critical Visual Studies (CritViz) concentration to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations across Pratt Institute within fields such as the arts, design, architecture, fashion and the liberal arts.

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Oceans Plastic Project

This interdisciplinary project focuses on the manufacturing of plastic, a global industry that exceeds more than 335 million tons in 2016. The slow degradation from macro plastics to micro plastic waste leads to terrestrial and atmospheric waste, yet at least ten percent if not more ends up in the world’s ocean. Because of the high concentration of industry in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, much of it ends up in the Global South.

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Zero Chill Collective

Zero Chill supports emerging underrepresented voices working on their first or second shorts and features. As an independent production house run by BIPOC immigrants and allies, Zero Chill focuses on establishing production and artistic networks with other up-and-coming independent production houses across hemispheres. Zero Chill supports bold BIPOC stories that reflect on filming as a record-making practice among its initiatives.  

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Harmattan Theatre

Environmental performance company Harmattan Theater produces site specific durational movement events at the junctures of land and sea. Harmattan’s ocean based installations harness performance, gesture, dance, voice and movement as tools of climate aesthetics.

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