A pathbreaking  concept and project conceived by Wendy V. Muñiz and Nurhaizatul Jamil, this autonomous lab will partner closely with the Global South Center (GSC) and  the Critical Visual Studies (CritViz) concentration to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations across Pratt Institute within fields such as the arts, design, architecture, fashion and the liberal arts.

 In  addition to enhancing the social media visibility of the GSC, the lab will also function as a space for  Pratt’s community members invested in working against racial and environmental injustices, while building alliances with fellow artists, scholars, and activists within New York City and across the Global South. 

The Lab’s long-term goals include theorizing experimental methodologies for the critical visual and ethnographic studies of social media practices, and the formation of research clusters analyzing social media engagements in the Global South. These research clusters will not only  examine online modes of sociality tied to particular formations such as online social movements, they will also critically interrogate the conceptual framings of the “Global South” online. 

 In March 2019, the Lab hosted its first workshop comprising advanced graduate students, faculty, activists, and  creatives engaged in methodological and aesthetic interventions tied to social media. In documenting the GSC’s symposiums, conferences, meetings, and collaborations with artists from Asia, Latin America, and Africa, the Lab aims to establish a global research network, facilitating engagements across the Institute and beyond to create a community of  thinkers, artists, and practitioners working digitally against racial and environmental injustice. 

by Wendy V. Muñiz and Nurhaizatul Jamil